Saturday, September 8, 2012

Modern Store Design: Boutique Runway by CLS Architetti

Design Runway Boutique in Ho Chi Minh City, just of a work of art, clothing boutique by CLS Architetti interior to its own figures put the clothes are almost luxury dedicated solely does not shape - of the various materials, design, and as you surf and layer decorative ceilingshiny covering on the walls and a huge phrase, the atmosphere of the parallel between the scales of a mermaid 'in a bubble ....
Hope you are too dizzy easily or certainly do not be dizzy.

Shiny disco ball-like "structure from the main shopping center of the room and across space, in contrast to the stone table, stone from the mountain" inspired "couch (literally like a natural material, this mountain seems to landscape.) Modernprovides crystal, stainless steel and ceiling covered with plaster rose to high-end boutiques, sensual, feminine touch, VIP Room, clothing, shoes, such as art and creative and interesting works displayed together as a whole, inviting soft light - runway Boutique clearone like every other day I heard this - now or "luxurious" was only achieved his goal of creating a space Luxury their experience in Vietnam can go .....

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