Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Dimension Space Boutique Design by archinspire.

Key pieces of individuals produk boutique offers a more attractive to customers, and a view of the target. Therefore, this modern boutique designed in 3D dimensional space created by excessive perspective.

View into the store dramatized by the lure of the walls and ceilings. Left space is one of the runway, where a collection of key pieces mounted on a white doll hanging, organized in a way that mimics the pattern of random walk on the street shopping. The collection is then shown in the inset 'shop-front' on either side of the sloping wall.
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3d boutique modern design ideas
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Concentrate on one wall and separating accessories, either mounted from under cover. This wall will also feature a large format print of the latest collection of photo-shoot. Another wall will hold the bulk of the collection with a lounge, or a smaller shop in the store. An oversized ottoman seating will also allow customers to sit while being shown a collection with a sales person.

The central spine of the store, or 'foundation' is framed by the home uniforms are made from either polycarbonate or metal mesh. Both materials are translucent and therefore allows a light from behind. The goal is to have a shop light with no equipment in sight. Uniformity and light weight of the material will create a smooth uniform background, emphasizing the drama and the expertise of the key pieces are mounted on the mannequin.

At night, stores and collections must also have a dramatic aspects, different than expected. We imagine that the store will be left in complete darkness with spotlights illuminating each mannequin with a theatrical and dramatic way. Designed by Studio Architect Tomas Seilern for Starzewski.

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