Saturday, September 8, 2012

Boutique Chocolate Shop Design

I Sweet Lollapalooza's commercial district of downtown Edmonton sweets my favorite new chocolatier Brett Roy Post a few weeks ago to write a blog post about the chocolate shop design is inspired. 15:00 Simon and I lull and just plain chocolate bar than me need a pickup. A few days or a really satisfying chocolate treat and a good portion of the box ...
Sweet Lollapalooza's Brett Roy chocolate classes does not think that I would make a nice Father's Day gift!
Saliva can get some of the world's rubber, Chocolate Shop. All good design, and then will be delicious!
Designers Wonderwall by Japan of 100% chocolate cafe are ideal for your longer stay. The entire cafe was designed to look like a chocolate kitchen table for guests. Unfortunately, the chocolate ceiling is actually your information chokolritga non-gold paired with a truly Bernard Callebaut adds a stylish twist. I clientelle hot spot seems to be only women I've heard ... Luxurious women can be found in a good position to know what any woman wants!

100% Chocolate Cafe

100% Chocolate Cafe
Bulgari Chocolate Bar:

Bulgari Chocolate Bar
Aria Hotel Las Vegas – Jean Philippe Patisserie

ARIA Jean Philippe Patisserie

From Tokyo Wonderwall by Godiva Chocoiste AA luxurious design of the character a nice example. I love chocolate dripping from the ceiling and wall panels. This is a very simple, but bold and well-executed details. The concept of Godiva flagship store, and when it comes to Canada soon, please!

Chocoiste Godiva Tokyo

Edited by chocolate research facility has been designed This study resembled the laboratory is equipped with all the shops and cafes.

Chocolate Research Facility

Patrick Roger, is considered one of the 10 French chocolatiers. He is the love that the focus of his work and the use of exotic materials, St. Patricks Day, seasonal dishes such as beer, chocolate taste. I love the attention, he takes all elements of the brand through his store of mint green.

Patrick Roger Chocolatier

Patrick Roger

Most of the Noka chocolate is considered the # 1 luxury chocolate in the world. Glass of chocolate minimalist collection of sharp light on the jewelry as well.

Noka Chocolate Japan

Noka Chocolate Dallas

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