Saturday, September 8, 2012

Interiors Awards 2012: Retail Design

The first bite of a cake is always the most memorable, a flaky crust gives way to a soft and gooey center. That moment of ecstasy is reflected in the design of Omonia Bakery decadent, a new extension to the Omonia Cafe in Astoria, Queens, famous for its Greek pastries and cake baker behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
"The design is based advance to enjoy the cake," says New York-based director Antonio di Bluarch Oronzo architecture, which envisioned a liquefaction mixture flowing through space-a pie in fieri. The bubbles from the ceiling like melted chocolate: ¼ square inch brown Bisazza glass mosaics hug the curves of three thermo resin figures. Beneath this surface organically changing, 4-inch diameter cedar red spheres are suspended, forming a pillowy layer that is reminiscent of a pastry flaky crust. The warm glow of a 6-inch long tubular incandescent bulbs emanates through. These stylish and bespoke accessories were formed from the shells of halogen lamps.
Form meets function as the drops of exquisite brown tiles on the walls and under the folds, forming a counter for customers on one side and a display shelf opposite. The bottom of these protrusions are illuminated with LED strips to contrast the rich tile with white epoxy coating underneath, easy to clean surface for the bottom of the walls and floor. A 32 meters long and bright pastels event attracts customers with its delicious offerings.
Omonia Bakery narrow space is only 13 feet wide, with a total area of ​​1,000 square meters inside, so the tolerance of the material was particularly relentless. "This project involves a maniacal attention to detail," recalls di Oronzo. That same level of craftsmanship can be witnessed in the open kitchen, enclosed in toughened glass, where the bakers are busy creating their concoctions. Di Oronzo saw "an opportunity
to strengthen the brand and the level of care that goes into making these cakes, to the point that they want to show the world ". Bluarch also designed a small outdoor space in the rear with terraced seating accentuated by lighting LED strip.
In the design of retail, the end result is to attract and retain customers by strengthening the brand. "This customer is a light, and although
is cautious about where the dollars go, he wants us to design in a way that enhances the presence of their stores, "says di Oronzo.'s a recipe that works: Bluarch completed designs Omonia elsewhere in Brooklyn and two showcases of new versions of Omonia debut in Manhattan. As if we needed more reasons to enjoy.

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