Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful Modern Boutique Interior Design

Robert Majkut Design studio designed this beautiful modern interior design for the Moliera 2 boutique for the Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo brands. The store is located on the corner of Moliera and Trebacka streets.

Materials used for the boutique included high-quality stone, wallpapers from the latest collections and glass. The sophisticated combinations of textures, colors and materials follow the guidelines of the Valentino brand. The interior is given special touches by the intriguing and refined elements, such as the custom-made chandelier, Flora Cascade, by the British designer Sharon Marston.

The finishing standard of the „Moliera 2” boutique matches the international quality level of other boutiques where the Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo brands are sold. The Robert Majkut Design Studio has once again proven that its designs are realized at a world-class level, and that it is a natural partner for ambitious projects involving the world’s best brands.

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